Kids workshop every Wednesday at the ceramicafé!

On Wednesdays, it’s a parent/child meeting! An opportunity for young and old to meet and share together the joys of painting on ceramics!


 Appointment from 2pm. The L’Atelier Geneviève team is here to welcome and support you! 
On site, you can choose a model from our different ceramics: bowl, cup, pot, piggy bank, box, etc. We will introduce you to different techniques, inspirations and patterns. Thus, thanks to the paint and equipment available, you can customize your parts! 
Once decorated, your piece will be varnished and baked for 24 hours at over 1000°C. So, a few days later, you can come and pick it up. Your ceramic will be compatible with food use and water resistant. 
No experience is required. Just come with your good mood! We recommend this afternoon for children from 7 years old.
Payment for ceramics (from 12€) and drinks (drinks and sweet cakes, cookies) is made on site.

Our parent/child workshops are held every Wednesday. For special events, see the list below.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.


Children grow up so fast, what better way to keep a memory of their little feet or hands on your everyday objects? Every Wednesday, Atelier Geneviève offers you a signature workshop: you choose the part to customize and the Atelier Geneviève team will help you create your own piece with your child! 

Paint is safe for children, in fact it is non-toxic, and can be cleaned with water.

The piece will be enamelled and baked and you can pick it up a week later. 

Meet on Wednesdays at the ceramicafé between 2PM and 8PM, plan about 1 hour.

Ceramic adapted from 18€, material and painting included.


Come and make your 100% personalized tic-tac-toe game! You choose your counters and colours, and here’s the game! After having passed in the oven at 1000°C, you can recover your game one week later.

Meet on Wednesdays at L’Atelier between 2PM and 8PM

Price: 12€ (material included). Plan between 1h and 1h30.